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Help for Families Undergoing High Conflict Divorces

As summer approaches and schools let out, many families anticipate having more time for family activities, the salutary effect of which is typically to promote interpersonal bonding and strengthen internal ties of connection and support. But for families involved in … Continue reading

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Spousal Support and Marital Standard of Living

In my recent discussions of post-judgment spousal support, I have mentioned the concept of “marital standard of living,” but have not yet explained the overall importance and functioning of this concept within dissolution proceedings. Allow me, then, to do so … Continue reading

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Stipulation to Temporary Judge: Three Effects

Once parties in a marital dissolution case elect to work with a Temporary Judge (aka “Private Judge” or “Judge Pro Tempore”) instead of litigating their case publically before a judge sitting in the courthouse, the parties must file with the … Continue reading

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New Emphasis on Attorney Fees

At a recent Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) training session, I and Commissioner Louise Bayles-Fightmaster made a presentation on attorney fees in family law cases.  Commissioner Bayles-Fightmaster served on the Elkins Task Force, and continues to serve on the … Continue reading

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